Monday, June 19, 2006


My dad, Chuck, grew up in Eulfula, Oklahoma smack dab in the 50's. A place and time light-years away from where he raised me. In fact, the weekend after he graduated high school, my dad and his family packed-up their belongings and chugged westward on Route 66. I guess it was sort of their own "Grapes of Wrath"exodus.

A while ago Chuck put pen to paper and recorded a few long lost childhood memories. Though the stories were simple, reading them had a powerful effect on me. I realized that I needed to try harder to get to know the real Chuck by getting to know who and what influenced him

You'll find that Chuck is just a nice, normal guy who has spent too much of his life discounting his contribution to the world. Sure, he's not an astronaut or a Hall of Famer, but as his son, I'm having a great time uncovering the real Chuck.